Capt. Greg's Fishing Tips
Barnegat Light Blackfish Fishing
Blackfish are caught by anchoring over shipwrecks/artificial reefs. These fish are by far the most challenging fish to catch. Blackfish grab the bait and dive into holes in the wreck/reef for protection. A medium-weight rod is best for blackfish, we spend many a day fishing for these fish on light tackle in the shallow waters off LBI. Catching a 5-10 lb blackfish on a light, spinning rod is an awesome angling experience. We use green crabs, white-legged crabs (when available), and fresh clams to catch blackfish. See the Fishing Regulations Chart below for season date schedule.
Barnegat Light Sea Bass Fishing
Sea Bass
Sea bass are caught while anchoring over artificial reefs and wrecks. These are one of the best eating fish we catch in our local waters off LBI. We bait fish with mostly fresh clams, but also catch some nice sea bass on jigs. When in season, these fish present the opportunity for "drop and reel" type fishing with plenty of action for young and old. So if you are looking for a fish that provides instant action and is great to eat, sea bass should be your choice. Most important, all of our sea bass trips are just a lot of fun for everyone.
Barnegat Light Fluke And Flounder Fishing
Fluke (Summer Flounder) fishing is by far the most relaxed type of fishing we do. This type of fishing involves fishing on the bottom, while drifting in the ocean off LBI, Barnegat Inlet or Bay. Light-to-medium rods are best for fluke fishing. Baits of choice range from:Live Baits such as minnows or spots; Frozen Baits such as squid, spearing, or sand eels; Artificial Lures consisting of bucktails; and Soft Baits such as Gulp. The best time of year for fluke fishing is mid-to-late summer and early fall. These fish require patience, but flounder is everyone's favorite to eat.
Barnegat Light Bluefish Fishing
Bluefish, pound for pound, are the meanest, hardest fighting fish in the inshore waters of LBI. These fish are feeding machines and range from a pound to upwards of 20 lbs. We use light-to-medium and medium-to-heavy gear to catch these fish and employ a variety of fishing methods. In June and July, chumming for bluefish can result in an absolute crazed feeding frenzy while catching these fish on both bait chunks, (such as bunker, butterfish, or mackerel), or on a variety of jigs and artificial lures. In the early spring and fall, these fish are typically caught while jigging. Bluefishing is permitted all year and there is no size limit, and we have a 15 fish bag limit per person.
Barnegat Light Striped Bass Fishing
Striped Bass
Striper fishing is probably the most popular inshore fishery in NJ. These fish can weigh in at as much as 50 lbs. We catch stripers on bunker, clams, live spots and trolling bunker spoons. We catch them on jigs and by snag and drop fishing. The most popular times of the year to catch striper are in the spring and fall. The snag and drop fishery runs from late May to the end of June. The Spring run provides the best opportunity for a trophy fish. Stripers can be taken all year and have a limit of one 28 to 43 inch fish and an additional fish larger than 43 inches. There is a Bonus Tag Program, which we provide Kev n Ash II anglers, for 1 additional 24 to 28 inch fish from Sept. 1 to Dec. 31.
2019 New Jersey Fishing Regulations
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